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Automated Car Wash

We use a Touchless automated car wash; It is also known as Touch-free or Brushless technique. It minimizes the chance of surface damage to your vehicle and preserves your car’s paint and finish;

Car Detailing

From basic packages covering an exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming, window cleaning and surface polishing to exclusive packages offering in-depth cleaning services,

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Steam Car Wash

We offer Steam Car wash at a reasonable price. It ensures that your vehicle is not only clean and sparkling but also hygienic and bacteria-free.

Interior Detailing Spa

We offer a complete cleaning service for gleaming interiors so that your car is in mint condition.

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Exterior Detailing Spa

Our range of services for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle includes

Carpet Lamination

Floor lamination protects the interior of the floor of your vehicle from water seepage.

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